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General Warnings

We use Polyurethane in our product. If this is something you're allergic or sensitive to, ToeBeanies may not be for you!

These socks are intended for adult sized feet and do not make good gifts for children.

Store out of reach of small children and pets. Paws will look a lot like a forbidden snack and could be a choking hazard! 


ToeBeanies are one size fit most adults. The length and knit vary by style, but they should fit most adult legs comfortably. Additional sizing information based on different sock styles will be provided in the item descriptions. 

As for the paws themselves, they're about 3" x 3" and should fit most adult feet. 

Payments and Orders

We ship worldwide! We ship from the United States. US and International shipping is automatically calculated at checkout based on the weight of the total items purchased. Taxes may apply. We are not responsible for customs fees incurred and cannot mark our items as gifts. Orders are normally shipped within 2 to 5 business days from being placed. 
Our store is powered by Shopify and accepts all major credit cards, PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and almost every major payment processor.
Our products normally sell out within minutes with many people trying to by the same limited stock as you. In rare occasions, your card can be charged without you receiving an order confirmation and number. When this occurs, your payment processor puts an authorization charge on your card. The payment processor waits for a purchase confirmation from our website and doesn't receive one because the product you were trying to purchase sold out before you could complete the checkout. The money will then be returned to your account within a few business days automatically.
Our website does not offer a cart hold feature. We have tried and tested many addons that either do not work or doesn't meet our requirements. We understand this is frustrating but we promise that we are working on supplying much more of our product through manufacturing to help prevent this in the future. 
We currently sell out faster than we can make them so the best way to get your hands on some beans is to follow us on social media, or subscribe to our mailing list to get updates on release dates/times. You can access all the available products on the home page, or the product page when they're posted.
At the moment, we do not accept customs. In the future we'd like to be able to offer them but the way we operate now would make it very hard to fulfill custom orders in a timely manner.
Due to the nature of these items, we cannot accept returns or refunds unless it's due to the item being damaged in the mail. Make sure you examine our product thoroughly and it's exactly the one you want before ordering so you know what you're getting. The paws are made with polyurethane foam, so there may be some general imperfections to the surface like pin-sized air bubbles. Please also note that the colors may vary from product to product as the paws are hand colored every batch. We try our best to color match every batch! This also applies to the overall texture and finish of the paw pads.


 Please keep in mind that these socks are not made for lengthy walks or wearing out of the house. They're not intended for everyday wear. These socks are created with aesthetic purposes in mind to appear like realistic paws over comfort and functionality. They may be more firm to some than expected. They most likely would not be a good gift for children or anyone who intends to be rough with them. We use urethane/polyurethane in our products so if you've ever shown sensitivity to urethane, ToeBeanies may not be for you.

General Questions

ToeBeanies are made from urethane foam, so they're firm with a squish! They will bounce back and hold shape no matter how much you step on them or handle them, almost like they're more of a rubber than a foam. They are not uncomfortable to walk on, but it's not recommended you walk long distances in them or wear them inside of shoes. Although they are soft, you will still feel them under the foot. They will squish under your steps.


 We generally recommend they be used for indoor lounging, photoshoots, bedroom play, etc. They're about three quarters of an inch tall so walking on them for long periods may feel a little strange but they are easily walked on and durable!

We source and manufacture our unique styles and designs of socks and foam overseas with the assembly taking place by us, here in the United States. Each paw is positioned and adhered by us. Even the packaging and shipping is all handled right here every step of the way from folding to packing. We are only a two person team at the moment!
All ToeBeanies made since November 2019 will be machine washable. Each pair comes with washing instructions on the packaging to make for easy gifting.


To wash, turn socks inside out and set the machine settings to ***COLD*** on a delicate cycle. It is very important to follow the cleaning instructions as these are a hand assembled item and not indestructible. Let air dry overnight before handling.

ToeBeanies made before November 2019 were our original concept and can only be handwashed.

Currently we offer kitten shaped paw pads. We will be re-introducing our original puppy paw pad shape in the near future. Both shapes are about 3" x 3" in size. Follow us on Instagram or subscribe to our newsletter for the latest updates on this!
Our paws are very durable and will hold with a powerful bond for a long period of time, but if for any reason damage does occur and a paw starts to peel, you can repair it with e6000 glue and letting it cure overnight. Hot glue will also work but is only recommended if you have a steady hand as e6000 is much more forgiving!

My question isn't on here, how do I get in touch with you?

 Feel free to ask away! Info@Toebeanies.com (Note, it may take a few days to get a response to a general question since we are only a two person team)

If you have a problem with your order, or need assistance contact Orders@ToeBeanies.com and we will try to fix any issue right away!

We cannot guarantee a response to any questions sent to our Instagram or social media inboxes so make sure to use the e-mails provided!