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Artwork by @Gladzykei


Hello from the ToeBeanies Team, Danielle & Justin! ToeBeanies was founded in September of 2019. We're South Florida crafters and cosplayers who met through our shared interest in comic and anime conventions. Danielle is a full-time content creator and cosplayer, with the help of Justin of course. ToeBeanies came into existence when Danielle made some paw pad socks out of EVA foam for her photoshoots. Many fans were asking where to get a pair of their own. That's when we had this idea of handcrafting these little paw pad socks as a side hobby. We polished up our method, upgraded to a much better quality foam and started up a little shop!

We never could’ve predicted how popular they would become! It floored us how quickly they received so much support, and to be honest, it was a bit overwhelming. Practically overnight ToeBeanies grew from selling a few handmade pairs for fun on the side in our kitchen, to batches of a couple hundred as Justin's full-time job! Our lives have been controlled by the beans ever since. Since Danielle is a full-time content creator, most of the work fell on Justin's shoulders to keep up with the demand. That demand quickly became impossible to satisfy. After having amassed a social media following of nearly 40,000 bean enthusiasts, we realized making a few pairs, for fun by ourselves, wasn't going to cut it anymore. 

We were advised to contact a lawyer on how to protect our idea during the manufacturing process since we had no prior experience in that industry. We crunched a ton of numbers and knew that we would be investing basically our life savings into a specialty item. Our patent attorney extensively researched our project to be sure that this was indeed our idea and that there was nothing like this on the market that we were infringing on. We're proud to say that ToeBeanies is trademarked and is currently patent pending!

It's now been over 3 years since we first began the long process of having these manufactured. It was no simple task getting here. We launched a Kickstarter campaign that took ToeBeanies into manufacturing! This was made possible by our incredible Kickstarter backers, friends, and family.


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